Finally – a few peaceful moments in the morning to write. It’s been a bit hectic – rainy days are for catching up on the other things that are set aside for banding. Declan came back on Wednesday for another banding day, and in between showers and sunshine we banded 45 birds. No hawks this time, but a few “nice” captures anyway, like this female black-throated blue warbler.

It was nice to have such a good day during Declan’s visit from Ireland..most of the birds were all “new” for him, even though the process was basically the same.
Today I plan to re-evaluate this blog, see where I want to go with it, what I want from it, where my motivation lies. Curiously, I’ve moved away from writing as much as I used to, both in blogs and in my personal/professional life, and I’m thinking a lot about that too. I’ve set a deadline for next Wednesday to make up my mind. I’m usually good with deadlines – we’ll see what happens!

Originally posted Saturday, Sept. 16 while in blogger limbo…


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