Warblers, Kinglets, and Little Red Surprises!

The first wave of fall warblers went through this week. The leaves are starting to change, and I notice the warblers and the leaves are beginning to resemble each other – yellow, green, black, and shades of these colors in-between.With the warblers come the kinglets.

This one is a ruby-crowned kinglet – very aptly named. The red feathers on this bird’s crown are not visible unless a big wind comes…(in this case, bander blowing gently on bird’s head!) or the bird raises it’s crown feathers.

There’s a cold-front coming (YES!) and it’s going to rain later today, so I closed up early and will spend the day doing reports, running errands, and oh yeah – working on the blog site later.

I’m also planning some time out in the woods – fall fungi are up and photo opportunities abound!

Originally published on Tues. Sept. 19 while in blogging limbo…

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