Golden Moments

What do you mean, “what the heck is that?”

It’s a honeybee and a goldenrod, of course. Ok, ok, so the wind was blowing and the goldenrod wouldn’t stand still. Neither would the bee. At least the background is in focus, so you know I was doing my part.

The honeybee (small orange blob to the left of the goldenrod) was collecting pollen off the goldenrod and was oblivious to the wind and the camera. It’s legs were so heavily swollen with pollen it looked like it was wearing bee-sized leg warmers (you know, the ones that were the rage when the movie “Flashdance” came out?) I thought a photo of the bee would be nice to share on this blog, so here it is.


5 Responses to “Golden Moments”

  1. swamp4me Says:

    Ah, yes. I have many, many pictures like this. And I agree whole-heartedly, it is not the photographer’s fault if the goldenrod is in the mood to dance and the bee wants to boogie.

  2. LauraHinNJ Says:

    (Laughing at swamp4me’s comment)

    I have a lot of photos like that, too. At least *something* is in focus – many of mine are just one big blur.

    Kind of a nice effect anyway – you still know it’s goldenrod; that color is unmistakeable.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Your bee picture look just like all of the fall warbler pictures I’ve been taking!! They all show a tiny yellow/green blur amongst green/yellow leaves. Do those birds ever just sit down??

  4. HealthNut Says:

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