Blue to Blue

I thought I had a new favorite bird this morning when I really looked at this gorgeous blue headed vireo. This particular individual was really in fine plumage and brilliantly colored.

There were four today, but this one was exceptional. I couldn’t help but admire the colors and patterns and thought that this is probably a bird that is often overlooked when birders are seeking out the more dramatically patterned warblers – but then again, few birders actually get to see them up close and personal, like this.

And then along came a small flock of bluebirds, which had discovered the autumn olive berries. No doubt about it, this is one gorgeous bird too!

Of course, everyone loves a bluebird, and I’ve got a soft spot for them too, because a bluebird was on the cover of my book. But I just don’t know – I think I’m in more of a vireo mood today. Gotta love those spectacles!

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7 Responses to “Blue to Blue”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Thank you , thank you for posting such beautiful pictures of gorgeous birds. The details are awesome- I could study them for hours!

  2. swamp4me Says:

    Great photos, the vireo especially.
    We could have used these pictures this morning on our fall bird hike. The birds weren’t moving at all and only a few were calling. Good thing the folks who came on the hike were all novices and happy to see any bird at all!

  3. LauraHinNJ Says:

    That last pic is breathtaking! I think I prefer the close-ups of the vireos, too. They’re just normally so hard to see the way they blend in during the spring and summer.

  4. Floridacracker Says:

    Beautiful shots. The vireo is striking.

  5. LauraO Says:

    Thanks for the nice comments!

  6. lené Says:

    They are fantastic! How did you get them to cooperate for the photo shoot? 🙂

  7. Computer Gaming BuzzComputer Gaming BuzzComputer Gaming Buzz Says:

    Good comments. I\\\\\\\’ll definitely put this one on my \\\\

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