Really Nothing

I think I have nothing interesting to write about this morning. Blogger was wonky again yesterday, when I was trying to post and now, whatever inspiration I had then is long gone. I spent some time yesterday taking the 100s of pictures I had stored on this computer, and saving them to CDs. Not that I needed the drive space – this computer seems to be monstrous as far as what it will hold – but it seemed like a good idea anyway. I spent some time looking for an online photo storage system, because it would make life easier with Blogger, or so I’ve heard. I have one freebie account at Picturetrail, but it’s full. I like pbase (not free) and of course there’s Flickr, which I haven’t really researched yet. Any suggestions?

I did come across this photo I had stored in Picturetrail. This was taken last summer in Kentucky. It’s Tucker, asleep in the what used to be a flower bed, before the puppies dug out all the flowers. You’re looking straight down on an upside down and obscenely sprawled sound asleep cat in the dirt.

And here’s one of the diggers – Joe Dirt – asleep under the porch steps after a rampage of tearing out the flowers. Just your typical summer afternoon in the south.

Blogger was super-fast at uploading these photos from Picturetrail, so maybe an online storage system is the answer. I’m just a little leary of trusting all of my pictures to some outside site that could go away, taking my photos with them. Guess I just need to buy more CDs.

See? Told you I had nothing interesting to say this morning!


4 Responses to “Really Nothing”

  1. KGMom Says:

    Sometimes a picture really is worth 1000 words–while I don’t agree that what you had to say was not interesting, I LOVED the photos. We have cats that love to sleep obscenely sprawled on their backs. And the puppy face. . .how can you not just love that?

  2. Lynne Says:

    Great pictures! That puppy is too cute- 🙂

  3. LauraHinNJ Says:

    The puppy is just so sweet – I want to kiss him!

    Some of my bunnies like to sleep in a pose similar to your cat – heartstopping when you don’t expect it.

  4. LauraO Says:

    Thanks guys..I do miss that puppy. He’s turned into a beautiful dog – a little oddly shaped, but beautiful anyway. He’s half beagle and half coyote/husky. Needless to say, my ex had to fence in the whole place…

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