Fisher Find!

Our local paper yesterday had a front page story that finally got my attention (most other times, not so much).

A fisher (member of the martin family) has been discovered and photographed in Stokes State Forest – parts of which are right across the road. The area in which the fisher was photographed is a few miles away by car. By fisher? Who knows.

This is not the actual photograph taken – this is one borrowed from Wikipedia, so you can see what a fisher looks like. Think gigantic mink.

The photograph was set up by a graduate student from Montclair State College, who thought that a particular area of Stokes was prime fisher habitat. He rigged a motion-sensored digital camera to a tree, used some fisher-attracting scent bait, and was rewarded with a shot early in October of a fisher investigating the bait.

This is big news for the area, as fishers were extirpated from this area more than 100 years ago. The thought is that this one (and if there’s one, there’s probably more) are migrants from either New York or PA (um, now that’s a logical assumption. I’m sure they didn’t just fall out of the sky!).

Rob was incredulous, having never heard of a fisher before, which in itself pretty much amazed him. I suggested it was because they aren’t found in NJ. Well, not until now anyway. He said, “we don’t have polar bears here either, but I’ve heard of them. Why haven’t I ever heard of a fisher?” Good point. No clue.

He got on the internet and looked at the pictures of fishers, which can weigh up to 15 pounds and reach a length of more than three feet from nose to tail. His comment was, if he’d come across THAT while alone in the woods, he would have thought it was the Jersey Devil.


One Response to “Fisher Find!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    What a cool animal. We have them in northern Minnesota but I’ve never seen one.

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