Beach Rocks and Snow

I miss the Florida beaches, no doubt about it.  Even though it’s been unnaturally warm and beautiful here in northern NJ, it’s December, and I’m missing the beach.  There’s just no getting around it. 


One of the neat things about beaches are the “rocks” that you can find.  I have two that I keep with me.  One is shaped like a fish head:


and the other, a seal:


Of course, the day I discovered a severed hand wasn’t so cool.  It was human-looking, but not quite.  It was mostly bone, with just tendrils of flesh hanging from it.  And while I do have a photo of it somewhere, I’ll spare you the details.  After having several people look at it (the photo,  not the “hand”) it was determined that it was probably the fin of a dolphin – fate unknown.

It’s beautiful on the beach – but it’s beautiful here too.  Today was warmer than it should be, but everyone seems to be enjoying that.  No complaints here, but I would like snow for Christmas, please.  Not enough to hamper everyone’s travel plans – but maybe a light covering say on the 23rd? 

Oh well, time to make cookies…


3 Responses to “Beach Rocks and Snow”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I do my best to enjoy our cold winters, but that beach looks awfully inviting. I love looking for treasures in the sand. Found your blog through your comment on mine. I will be back!

  2. Mary Says:

    I understand your longing for the beach and certain climates. Besides missing snow which I posted about the other day, I also miss the beach after moving from Delaware in 05. Nice post!

  3. Lynne Says:

    Beautiful beach picture! I’ve never seen a beach like that.

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