S’NO Snow!

snowman.jpgI’m not complaining about the mild winter we’ve been having, but I hope everyone realizes it just isn’t right.  Winter is supposed to be cold.  We’re supposed to have snow and ice and lots of it. 

Found this photo of my younger brother taken in 1964, next to a snowman my older brother built.  Can’t show you the snow-woman he also built 🙂

We used to have lots of snow in the winter.  We went sledding, and needed plows, and sometimes couldn’t get to town for days.  We went without electricity, phones.  We played outside in snowsuits that made us look like we were ready for a trip into space.  We built snow people and trudged through waist-high drifts to get to the barn to feed the horses.  We had runny noses and cold hands and came inside to warm up by the woodstove with hot chocolate and puppies.  We learned to track animals in the snow and took turns spreading woodstove ashes on the driveway.  We went for rides on snow-covered dirt roads in the Jeep to view the scenery and silence.  We had snowball fights and dropped snow down each other’s shirts.  We marveled at the beauty of a full moon on snow covered fields.

OK, now I’m complaining.  I’ll probably regret saying this, but I want some SNOW!


3 Responses to “S’NO Snow!”

  1. Lynne Says:

    I want snow too! I showed my kids pictures from the early 60’s when I was little, of snow deeper than the hood of our car! I found a picture of a snow drift that covered half of our living room window. Sadly my kids (12 and 13) have never seen snow like that.

  2. Mary Says:

    I want snow, too! But we won’t get any here in Charlotte. The mountains a little northwest of us are getting a nice snowfall and I’m jealous. Your description of playing in the snow is what I experienced living in Maryland most of my life. Several blizzards and regular snowfalls were something we could count on. I haven’t seen snow since 05. Global Warming is being blamed for low sales in the malls during the holidays. No one needs sweaters or flannel PJs. It’s too warm.

  3. Ruth Says:

    We had two feet of snow that melted in five days, and nothing since. Snow brightens the landscape so much and I am missing it here in southern Ontario. I haven’t seen a honest to goodness blizzard since 1979. My children have never seen one. I do love that snowman.

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