Not So Lovely

Oh yes, the lakes here are lovely.  There are five, all within a five to ten minute walk of the house.  The largest one is Rooke Lake – it’s the one with the beach, the boats, and the beavers.  In winter, I can see it from the living room windows.


There are three more ponds, one of which is visible from the house.  It’s right across from the bird observatory building where I work.  The lake I posted yesterday is just across the road.

What is not so lovely is that, as I write this post now, one of the park rangers is checking these lovely ponds for his heinious traps – and there’s not a thing I can do about it, since this isn’t my land and he has permission to trap here. 

A few people hunt this property privately, and they are responsible hunters.  They use the meat, they hunt respectfully.  It’s not my favorite thing either, but I am more tolerant and understanding of that than trapping.  I have ZERO tolerance for trapping, because it is totally unecessary, totally inhumane, and totally a coward’s sport.  At least a hunter must watch his kill die, and witness the outcome of his/her actions.  A trapper sets the trap and goes home to his television, while his ‘prey’ panics and drowns in pain and fear.  The hunter just has to come back and collect a corpse.  He doesn’t use the meat, just collects a few dollars for a pelt.  Nice sport.

So all I can do is send ‘good’ vibes to the water critters around here, and hope that I never find one still alive in a trap, because I’d probably have to do something illegal (you can’t mess with someone’s licensed traps).

I think it’s time for another walk.


6 Responses to “Not So Lovely”

  1. kgmom Says:

    Trapping? And I am pained by road kill. I can’t imagine having to live nearby where animals may be trapped. I am not really ant-hunting, but it seems justifiable only when it is truly utilitarian and not wasteful of earth’s bounty.

  2. kgmom Says:

    Oops–make that ANTI-hunting. Ant-hunting, that’s another thing altogether. 😉

  3. Ruth Says:

    Allowing any creature to suffer is intolerable. I remember my mother scolding us for pulling the wings off houseflies when we were children. I am not against humane killing of animals for food, but don’t think I could do that myself.

  4. Mary Says:

    I would probably lie awake at night. It’s heinious, I agree. You are fortunate to have a pond view like the one shown above! Gorgeous!

  5. Giddy Says:

    Beautiful photos! We too, live near water and I love being able to look out my window and watch the wildlife scamper and fly about.

  6. Fidel Ramos Says:

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