Random Thoughts

I’m on a writing deadline, so I can only ramble for a few minutes here.  It actually snowed this morning, for about three minutes, while the sun was shining.  While I’m concerned about this ‘warming’ trend that experts say has nothing to do with global warming but is in fact due to el nina (or whichever one it is) – even though the polar ice caps are melting too – I’m not missing a normal, hard winter.  After all, 10 years in Florida has put a bit of a spoil on me for that :-).

We’re well into January, Feb. is a short month, and in spite of how horrendous March is – by March, there are definite signs of spring in the air.  I was going to tap the maple trees here come spring, but I’m not sure now when to start.  Nothing like homemade pure maple syrup on pancakes.  Life is good.


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