Powdered Sugar, Rabbits, Mice and Little People

Well, we have some snow -a whole half inch, at least.  It wasn’t much, but it was pretty.  The woods look like some giant came along and sprinkled us all with powdered sugar.

I caught a mouse last night in the live trap, so we took a little trip down to the fields to find him a new home.  There were rabbit tracks everywhere.


My original intention was to get a picture of the Great Mouse Release – I was all set with the camera, but the little booger was faster than an old lady with a camera, and he was gone before I could release the shutter. 

My mouse-release field is a mouse paradise (well, except for the red-tailed hawk that hangs around, but that’s part of life).  There are brush piles, stone walls, clumps of tall grass and an endless supply of hiding places.  There’s food, and nearby water, and according to my release calculations, at least five other mice.  I released him near the brush pile, and he disappeared into one of the dark crevices, never to be seen again.


Also in this field is a fallen tree with the roots exposed.  I noticed this morning a perfect tunnel going right through the dirt ball and roots.  I didn’t see any tracks in the snow, but can only imagine this is the Little People equivalent of a natural arch, or perhaps a tunnel between two worlds?  OK, ok  you can say it’s just a hole in a tree root, but come on, look how perfectly rounded it is.  Besides, Little People are much more interesting than just a simple hole.

I probably should write children’s books or fantasies, because I have no trouble looking around at oddities like this, or sometimes just the amazing beauty of Nature, and imagining all sorts of invisible folks going about their business.  But I suppose I’m not alone in this – there have been ‘little people’ stories handed down in my family for years, and I’ve had some exposure to the “Nunnehi,” the Little People of the Cherokee.  What is real, and what is imagination – I can’t say.

But, as I headed back to the cabin, I had this funny little vision of the Little People helping the tansplanted mouse construct a warm, cozy home in the brush pile. 

Life – even for a mouse – is good.


4 Responses to “Powdered Sugar, Rabbits, Mice and Little People”

  1. KGMom Says:

    WOW! Snow. Now I really feel left out. There is snow in NJ; snow to the west, to the north, and even to the south (Texas). Snow even in LOS ANGELOS, for goodness sake. But here in central PA? Ppffffttt! Nothing, nada, zilch.
    I am jealous.
    So, you also release critters. Bravo! I go around scooping up spiders that are in the house, and gently dropping them out a window.

  2. Mary Says:

    Same here. I can’t stand to see a critter away from it’s element. I saw a praying mantis last week that was clinging in a corner inside the college entrance. I found a stick for it to climb on and carried it to a bush on the warm south side of the building. A coworker secretly things I’m crazy, but I don’t care 🙂 At least you got a dusting, down here we received one day of ice that melted soon.

  3. Ruth Says:

    We have plenty of mice in our yard, too many to relocate. I have never had one in the house. I love looking for tracks in the snow. At other times of the year one can only imagine what has walked by at night or dawn. You likely have more snow now. We have had snow every day this week.

  4. Lynne from Hasty Brook Says:

    I love finding places in the wild that look like little worlds. The tree tunnel looks like the entrance to a special place.

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