Snow Birds

We finally got some snow.  It started out as a weird, dry sleet that didn’t stick to anything, but bounced off the roof and accumulated slowly on the ground.  It wasn’t really sleet, wasn’t really freezing rain, wasn’t really snow.  Later it did turn to snow, and now we have about 8 inches of it on the ground.


Notice anything different about this chickadee?  Rob took these photos this afternoon.  This individual was around last year – he photographed it then and sent me the picture.  I had it on the RRBO website and not one person ever questioned or commented on it.  Rob calls this photo “Diversidee” which I think is a hoot, but appropriate. 

Here’s a “normal” chickadee, in case you aren’t familiar with birds.  The one above is just a bit abnormal.


He took a few other photos today too.  Enjoy…


House finch…


mourning doves..

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7 Responses to “Snow Birds”

  1. Mary Says:

    Kudos to the photographer! What’s wrong with the “Diversidee” chickadee? The snow sets a nice background for your beautiful birds. Thanks for the view. Lovely. May you stay warm and may the sun melt.

  2. obi4240 Says:

    Hi Mary,
    Diversidee’s facial and head markings are abnormal. Compare him with the chickadee in the second photo. Diversidee lacks the black bib and cap and has more white on his face than a ‘normal’ chickadee. His eyes are surrounded by white, instead of being in the black cap of the ‘normal’ chickadee. Personally, I think he’s kind of cute!

  3. Mary Says:

    I think he’s kind of cute, too!

  4. KGMom Says:

    Maybe Diversidee is traveling ingognito and didn’t want other chickadees to recognize him? Or maybe he forgot to put on his chickadee makeup? I know I don’t look quite the same in the morning as later in the day. And, after all, on a snow day, doesn’t it make sense to wear white instead of black?

  5. KGMom Says:

    Oh, dear–that would be incognito. It always happens–“publish” something and right away you see the one mistake!

  6. Lynne from Hasty Brook Says:

    Diversidee is painfully cute! I almost didn’t recognize him as a chickadee.

  7. mon@rch Says:

    We use to have a chickadee that had enough white on the face that its eye would stick out like that! But, nothing like what you captured! Very cool!

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