Afternoon Visitors


Working at my desk this afternoon, just a couple of hours before sunset, and a bit of movement out the window caught my eye.

It’s not a great picture. The camera just happen to be within reach, but the window has a screen on it and so that muddies the shot.

But there she/he is, one of about eight deer that come by every afternoon. They stroll under the pine tree out back to nibble sunflower seeds, and occasionally pirate pieces of stale bread the squirrels haven’t gotten to yet.

I may complain sometimes about having to put in time at this computer, but an office view like this one makes be rethink my griping. Life is good.


3 Responses to “Afternoon Visitors”

  1. bodysoulspirit Says:

    Lovely view you have! I have yet to see a wild deer anywhere but on the highway, and I have been looking.

  2. Mary Says:

    Life *is* good when you can witness a beauty like that through your office window.

  3. Lynne from Hasty Brook Says:

    Oooh- I envy your office view!

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