Out the Window


I knew they would be coming through around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, so this time I was ready for them. My windowsill book tripod was ready, the camera was ready, and I occupied Boomer with cookies and toys so he wouldn’t see them. Seeing deer elicits much very loud barking, which the deer obviously don’t appreciate.

deer4The photos are taken through the window, and some of the cloudiness is due to the heat venting, which just happens to vent near that window and of course, had to come on while I was watching the deer. But you get the idea.

deer2I have been around deer my whole life. Unfortunately, in NJ, passing road-killed deer is almost a daily occurrence. I’ve also seen plenty of them hanging from a rafter in the barn, or from a tree, as all four of my brothers, my father, and uncles were hunters. Deer were always sort of taken for granted as being super-common. I grew up with Disney’s “Bambi.” Sometimes, we jokingly referred to them as ‘the goats’ because they were everywhere, and not very timid.

But I don’t think I will ever get tired of sitting quietly and watching these magnificent animals, which is something I did yesterday for half an hour. There are five that come regularly, that stay together. Two appear to be last spring’s fawns – they are smaller and curious, and often are the first ones to tiptoe across the driveway from the woods.

While I was watching them yesterday, one came too close to another that was nibbling the sunflower seed. It reared up and slapped the other on the shoulders with its front leg in one very quick and graceful move. It reminded me of a kid giving his brother a shove out of the way.

deer5And here you have it, proof that deer do indeed like stale English muffins. I had tossed the muffins out there earlier, for the crows and the squirrels, and was a bit surprised to see the deer grab the muffins and chow down. I’ll have to be careful what I put out there now, because I don’t want these deer to become too comfortable with a feeding station. There are too many men and women with guns around here.

This last photo is one that Rob took last winter. He calls it “Eyelashes” and it’s one of my favorites.

Deer may be common, and taken for granted, but they are truly magnificent. I’d rather see them like this, than hanging from a tree any day.



3 Responses to “Out the Window”

  1. Mary Says:

    Very nice story and pictures. I laughed when I read how you needed to occupy Boomer. I’ve done that with my dogs before when I was intent on a good photo :o) The deer are lovely, indeed!

  2. Laura Says:

    Nice view, Laura! They’re just so lovely to see.

  3. Ruth Says:

    I am glad you were prepared with your camera this time. Great pictures!

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