Frozen Water

People are funny (hadn’t you noticed?). In the summer, they complain about heat and humidity. In the winter, they complain about cold and funky weather. A rainy day is “gloomy” and a major inconvenience. I’m guilty – as we all are – of similar complaints, though not very often.

Yesterday, we had a major snowstorm. Everyone I talked to on the phone or through emails was complaining. I started to follow their line of thinking – I’ll chalk it up to group mentality – but then stopped myself cold (no pun intended) and took a good, long look at this storm, and gave thanks.

Thanks for such a well-coordinated system of Nature that keeps us all alive. This snow is the water that we’ll be wanting when the weather turns warmer. Yeah, our weather patterns and our planet are changing, but that’s not Her fault…it’s ours.

People narrow their focus and think only of themselves. They don’t take responsibility for their thoughts, their actions, or their treatment of the Earth. It’s a commodity, like everything else in their lives. I think though, that Nature is a commodity with Spirit, and one of these days, She’s going to voice her opinion. We won’t like it much.

Have you ever seen the work done by Dr. Masaro Emoto? I first learned about his study of water and water crystals years ago. He began studying water in Japan. crystalbad

He froze a sample of water from the lake at Fujiwara Dam and photographed it. Doesn’t look too appealing, does it?

The frozen crystal of the lake water was disorganized, brown, and sickly-looking.

Then, Dr. Emoto had a Buddhist priest conduct a one-hour long prayer service next to the lake. He took another water sample, froze it, and photographed it again.


This is the water sample after the prayers. Which one do you want to drink?

Go here and look at these pictures. Think about what they are saying.

Sometimes, my self included, we get so caught up in living that we forget how we are living, or even why we are living. We take so much for granted, and complain, complain, complain.

I won’t be cursing the snow when I shovel the porch later. Instead, I’m going to give thanks for a beautiful new day, new water, and for the Earth who takes such good care of us, no matter what we do to her.

And in case you forgot we are living on a water planet, check out these pictures taken from space. It will open a slide program – just click on the screen to change the images. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Well, enough ranting for now. I’m going to fill the feeders again, and make more coffee, and clear the steps of twelve inches of life-giving water.

Life is good.


4 Responses to “Frozen Water”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Thanks for such a well written, thoughtful post, Laura! Complaining is almost a national, self-centred pastime. How important to look at the big picture and count the blessings each day brings.

  2. mon@rch Says:

    Wonderful post and very educational! Although, I still wish it didn’t snow yesterday and it was warmer!! 🙂

  3. kgmom Says:

    A wonderful post.
    I loved the power point–what breathtaking photos. And the photos at night–makes one think. Note how much power North America, and Europe use.
    Then look at Africa! That is quite astonishing.
    Also the photos over the Nile delta, and how green it is compared to all the red and brown around.
    Those pictures alone tell a story to anyone who will listen.

  4. Laura Says:

    I think we’re all guilty of complaining about the weather once in a while (especially those of us in NJ)!

    Yesterday made me glad for an hour or two extra when we were let out of work early and the chance to nap on the couch in the midst of the storm.

    Then, this morning brought all the birds to the feeders – I was glad to have something to offer them.

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