Net, Finches, and Other Important Stuff

The rain forecast for this morning didn’t come, but neither have the warblers. First gray catbird was heard today, and the barn swallows I’ve been wondering about arrived overnight. A pair of rough-winged swallows are building a nest under the bridge across the road and have been here, along with tree swallows, for quite a while. The barn swallows arrived late, but their familiar forms were darting through the pavillion this morning. At least three pairs nested there last year.

HOFIThis male house finch is all decked out in his very fine breeding plumage. While we have seen almost no finches of any sort all winter, today there were both house finches and goldfinches.

This morning we again caught mostly feeder birds, since those were the only nets up and opened except for the swamp.

I spent the afternoon setting a few more nets – not an easy task for one person, but I have a system. I’ve decided to forego setting nets in the creepy bear field until fall, and set them instead in the first, more open field we used last spring.


This field is adjacent to the swamp, which is on the other side of the far pine trees in the center of this photo. There is another net running across those trees, and two down the ‘road,’ which places four good nets in close proximity and in a field where I can see what’s coming and going besides birds and me. Bluebirds were singing as I set these nets. There were also groundhogs and wild bunnies in this field – and several bunny nests. I’ll try to get some photos of those soon.


I also spent some time reorganizing the banding area, now that the floor installation is finished.  I can now release out the window, which saves some time while banding.

Not a bad place to ‘work’ and I can’t complain about the commute either.  It’s about 500 feet.  Life is good.

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3 Responses to “Net, Finches, and Other Important Stuff”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I noticed a house finch looking much redder than the ones I had at the feeder all winter. I didn’t know the males had a breeding plumage. Nice digs!

  2. KGMom Says:

    I tell you, some people just have the best jobs! You are one of them. A short commute; working with Mother Nature; doing good ! You are right–life is good.

  3. obi4240 Says:

    Yeah……I’m not complaining!

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