Just One More

Ok, Ok – I know what I said yesterday and I’m still taking some time off – but I had to show you this male indigo bunting, especially since I posted the female in the last post.  Sorry, it’s slightly off-focus around his head, but he wasn’t exactly cooperative.  See ya!


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3 Responses to “Just One More”

  1. KGMom Says:

    Oh so stunningly handsome. The blue is so ethereal!
    Thanks for posting “one more.”

  2. Ruth Says:

    I was sorry to hear you were taking a break (but I understand!). I find spring and summer too short to spend a lot of time on the computer. Thanks for the beautiful picture today.

  3. celeste Says:

    Wahhhh! I love your bird in hand photos–so wonderfully close up, and the birds have interesting expressions. I’m going to do some drawings from them, they’re awesome! So much detail you can see. Please please keep taking this kind of pix and post them when you have time. And thanks for sharing them!!

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