Just Can’t Do It

Do three days away count as time off?  I realized that busy as I am – if I don’t blog I tend not to write, and that’s not good.  So, while I most likely will never post in the morning unless the weather isn’t good for banding, I’m going to make every effort to keep this going. 


Today’s pretty bird was this male Canada warbler.   Canada’s are one warbler species that is a bit easier to identify – that spiffy dark ‘necklace’ is a great field mark.  Females sometimes have them too, but they are duller and less profusely spotted.

We used to band many more of these than I’ve been seeing – but that holds true for almost all species.  It will be interesting to go back through some of the records and see how populations have changed here.  One thing for certain – there is no shortage of ticks!


Sunflower seed on the ground feeders is disappearing at an alarming rate.  I think I know why, though they deny it….

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6 Responses to “Just Can’t Do It”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Glad you are back so soon! I always learn something new from your posts.

  2. Lynne from Hasty Brook Says:

    I’m glad you’re not totally gone! Just a post with a spectacular picture now and then….

  3. mon@rch Says:

    I so love this Canada Warbler Shot! BRAVO!!

  4. KGMom Says:

    The photo of the warbler is stunning. And I like the bird and chipmunk vying for seed–rivalry in the natural world.
    Glad your time off pledge has been modified.
    OK–band in the morning; write in the afternoon or evening.
    And keep those wonderful photos coming.

  5. obi4240 Says:

    Thanks for all the nice comments – and for continued reading, even when you think I’m not here!

  6. awramale Says:

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