Morning Jewels


This morning began with one of my favorite species – the ovenbird. This one has something stuck on her head, though I could not determine what it was – possibly sap. To remove it would have cost her more than a few crown feathers, so I opted to leave it alone.

I think ovenbirds are one of my favorites because they are one of the first species I banded, way back in 1977. I also think its neat that this warbler looks like it should be a thrush. While it is not particularly flashy or colorful, ovenbirds have a subtle beauty about them. They are quiet and gentle birds in the hand, and it’s always a good day when I meet one.


The next cool bird this morning was this female Wilson’s warbler. The black crown on this bird was fairly large, indicating one of the subspecies of Wilson’s, but also indicating a female. The crown on a breeding plumage (which is what we are seeing now) male would have been entirely covered with glossy black feathers.


With luck, we’ll catch a male before too long so you can see what he looks like too.


Last but not least, even though he was the smallest catch of the day, is this very handsome blue-gray gnatcatcher. Isn’t it a cutie?

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4 Responses to “Morning Jewels”

  1. mon@rch Says:

    When I was up to our big banding station, I sooooo wanted to see a wilsons! Great series of photos and so glad you are keeping us updated!

  2. Rich Mooney Says:


    Just wanted to say great site. I miss banding so much and am glad I found this site..I got my first Ovenbird up in the Peace River in 2004 while attending the B.C.F.O. conference.


    Rich Mooney

  3. KGMom Says:

    See–this is why I love your blog. I love the photos with such intricate detail, and I love the gentle educating that goes along with them

  4. obi4240 Says:

    Oh wow, other banders! So hard to find…come visit anytime!

    KGMom – thanks so much for your kind words….

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