Skanky Cat

Apparently, I have a cat. Remember the feral cat from the winter, the one from the panic attack post? I’ve been feeding her all along now, and she has taken up the habit of showing up outside the office window every afternoon around five for dinner. I call her Skankycat because..well, she is.

JUNE 025Sorry for the poor photo, but it’s through the window in bad lighting.

This spring, she lost most of her long hair, except for her tail and around her face. It was the most curious thing – one morning I looked out the window and there was a pile of cat. At first I thought she was dead, but it wasn’t her – just half her hair, all shed in one, nasty matted mess. Then I was concerned she had mange or something, but she doesn’t. Her body hair is short but healthy. Her tail is fluffy, and she has longer hair around her face.

Instead of running away now when I take her food outside, she lays down flat in the grass about ten feet away and watches me. I talk to her and remind her of our agreement – “I feed you, you stay away from birds in banding nets. You can have all the mice you want. Please leave the chipmunks alone.”

So far, we’ve not had any problems, and there are plenty of chipmunks around, so maybe she’s listening. Apparently, I have a cat.


5 Responses to “Skanky Cat”

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook Says:

    Skankycat! Love the name. I sure do wonder what made her shed that pile of fur though.
    Hope she lives up to her end of the bargain!

  2. mon@rch Says:

    I think we have a skankycat around my neighborhood also!

  3. KGMom Says:

    I love my kitties, but I keep them indoors (or let them go out WITH me, so I can watch them). I have been known to make them drop any critter they get–sort of counter-intuitive to the hunting instinct.

    Good luck with Skanky! Hope she keeps listening.

  4. Nina Says:

    You’re fortunate to “have” a cat that understands English so well! Your birds may not be bothered–our stray cats used to love grasshoppers!

  5. Mary Says:

    I remember your feral cat story, Laura. Now you have a cat. If you keep her belly full, she will probably leave the chipmunks and birds alone. Good luck with Skankycat.

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