Da Book and Nuts

OK, the book is officially in production. I’m sure it isn’t what you were expecting to see here, but it’s for Arcadia Publishing and it is called: Images of America: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. If that sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve written about the area before – remember the posts on the Moon House , Historic Preservation, and the Blue Mountains? Anyway, this was great fun to do and should be out I think sometime early next year.

In other news, I went meandering down the Old Mine Road yesterday (yup, same area!) and had myself a good time, as usual. First stop was a section of road under a Chinese chestnut tree that was dropping nuts.

chestnuttrailI’ve always admired these spiny golf-ball sized chestnuts, especially if I’m lucky enough to find ones with the chestnuts inside. I love the contrasting colors and the whole look of these things. They are quite difficult to handle and I’m always amazed how quickly the squirrels can empty them out, spines or not!

This stretch had a whole array of freshly-fallen nuts, some crushed ones, and some empty shells. I parked the Jeep and walked back toward the nut trail, when a slight movement caught my eye just in the woods at the edge of the road.


doe1This deer was standing in the shadows, and I think I interrupted her feast of chestnuts. How she removed them from the husks without getting her delicate nose severely spiked, I have no clue! I told her not to worry, she was safe, and she just looked at me and wandered off into the adjacent cornfield. Since she never flagged her tail – a warning signal that danger is near – I think she believed me.


Aren’t they pretty little things? Surprisingly, I’ve never tried them. Actually I was in search of black walnuts. Now – those are good eating!


Turkeys were out and about too, on one of the river access roads. This is another favorite spot. It dead-ends overlooking the Delaware, under some very old and very majestic hemlock and oak trees. The road is not well maintained (if at all) and passes several corn fields – attracting many species of wildlife and birds.


I just don’t know….I may have to wander that way again today if it ever stops raining. Oh..wait! The rain has stopped. Can it be? Is that the sun coming through the clouds already? It is, by golly. Bye!


4 Responses to “Da Book and Nuts”

  1. KGMom Says:

    Looks like a lovely setting for an autumn stroll–and I love the nearby companions who join you!

  2. KGMom Says:

    P.S. Congrats on the book being official.

  3. mon@rch Says:

    Very cool turkey and love seeing chestnuts! BTW: Very cool with the book! BRAVO!

  4. obi4240 Says:


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