Online Again and Caterpillars

I’m really tired of moving! No matter how big or small the move is, there are always complications – like having limited internet accesa on two different computers! Finally, all new connections have been made, and I’m able to post here once again.

It’s been an interesting week or so, on many fronts, and it’s going to take me a while to ‘get my groove back.’ I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it sounds good.


This scary looking fellow (?) was crawling around on the door one morning. This will be a white-marked tussock moth someday. Looking like it does, I doubt anything is going to mess with it. I surely didn’t touch it. A little research showed that handling this cat can result in a toxic skin reaction, but I had already figured that out all by myself. I mean, LOOK at this thing!


7 Responses to “Online Again and Caterpillars”

  1. mon@rch Says:

    Love this caterpillar macro! BRAVO

  2. Mary Carlson Says:

    Hi – I was amazed at the caterpillar you posted. It looks a lot like the caterpillar my daughter and I saw while we were touring the gardens at Mt. Vernon last month. My daughter posted a photo of the cat a couple days ago ( and I posted a short (and not totally in focus) video of it last week ( If it is the same, then it was to turn out to be a moth. Is it a pest or beneficial? I will admit that it was a fascinating creature. Thanks for sharing.

  3. KGMom Says:

    YIKES! Very scary looking indeed. I wouldn’t touch it either.

  4. obi4240 Says:

    Monarch – thanks. I took about 20 pics and only a couple were focused. The little bugger would NOT stand still for a second!

    Lynne – my thoughts exactly!

    Mary – It looks like the same one. I’m not sure whether these are beneficial or not, though the caterpillars do feed on various types of trees, they aren’t as numerous as the gypsy moths.

    KGMom – Yep, decorated like it is, with a red head says “no touching” to me!

  5. Nina Says:

    I learned a healthy respect for caterpillars a few years back. One was hiding in my shoe on the back porch. I put it on and had such a reaction to the hairs that penetrated my sock, you’d have thought I was stung by some fierce creature. It took days to resolve–now I check shoes first–cute little fuzzy things are not welcome!

  6. Laura Says:

    Smart to leave that one alone, I think!

    Hope you find your groove again. Maybe you can give me some tips for locating mine!

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