Back to Birds…

Like the spring migration, the fall migration has been a little weird, probably due to the above-normal temperatures and lack of northwesterly winds. I’m terribly late in getting detailed reports and numbers together, but we’ve had some nice birds in the past week or two.


This stunning yellow-shafted (northern) flicker was a nice catch; usually they manage to escape the net before we get to them. They are extremely difficult to photograph in the hand, as they do not cooperate by sitting still, even for a moment. Then there is the danger to the camera – this one hammered my camera but fortunately didn’t hit any sensitive parts or leave any dents.

Another nice catch was this young red-bellied woodpecker – slightly more cooperative for picture-taking.


But not totally. Notice the bander’s fingers are in focus. The bird is hammering away at them – OW!


Another brown creeper – so small and docile compared the the woodpeckers. White-throated, Lincoln, Swamp, and Field sparrows were common last week, and we banded our first Junco on Sunday. A cold front and change in the wind is occurring now, so we’ll see what the weekend brings….



2 Responses to “Back to Birds…”

  1. mon@rch Says:

    The great flicker finger wacker! LOL they have one heck of a peck!

  2. KGMom Says:

    I love the face of the flicker–so inquisitive, so self-possessed. Almost as if it is saying–ok, hold me for a bit, then let me go!

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