Autumn Gold

We have been banding American goldfinches – 30 to 50 or more a day, and still are catching bandless birds. This adult male stood out in the crowd today, as he was much more brightly colored than most of his companions, which have faded to shades of greenish-gold and mottled browns.


There were evening grosbeaks inspecting the feeders this morning, but none of them ventured near. We haven’t seen them – or the pine siskins mentioned in the earlier post, in a great many years. I was in Florida, but I’m going to venture a guess of at least 15 years (haven’t looked up the records yet). Birders everywhere in the area are hoping for an incursion year of finches – self included.


And then she realized she never did post about the pine siskins!  So, here is a pine siskin!



7 Responses to “Autumn Gold”

  1. Laura Says:

    Pine siskins would be nice – but I would love to have an evening grosbeak at my feeders. Of course, if there’s one, there’s likely to be a dozen, right?

    They’re lovely birds!

  2. Ruth Says:

    Goldfinches are abundant, but I never tire of their happy flight and song. There seem to be greater numbers of some species this year according to the birding forums from our area.

  3. Larry Says:

    The Goldfinch looks so different to me in a close-up photo.-interesting! I hope a Siskin makes it south enough to reach my feeders this year.-The first time I saw one, I thought it was just an odd looking female House Finch.

  4. mon@rch Says:

    love seeing these guys and a siskin! ugg, everyone is seeing them before me! ok, soon I hope they arrive in my area!

  5. KGMom Says:

    What a handsome fellow the goldfinch is–looking directly into the camera.

  6. winterwoman Says:

    we’ve had purple finches and pine siskins at our Audubon feeder already this year… usually we get house finches… so it’s fun to see these guys once in a while!

  7. dianeschuller Says:

    Gosh, with the banding you get some REAL close ups! Even with my 300mm zoom lens I can’t get anywhere even close to ‘my’ birds. I’m newish to blogging and will be posting a few of my birds as time goes by (nuthatches, the ubiquitous but delightful chickadees, pine siskins, redpolls, etc). Right now, a well fed grouse is featured. I’ll have to pop by here again … it’s great to see some of these so close!

    Diane, observing nature at Sand to Glass
    Dogs Naturally

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