Coming Off the Mountain

It seems that since Boomer made the journey I’ve not had the inspiration or desire to do much of anything beyond necessary everyday stuff. I think whenever we lose someone dear to us, we need a period of just taking some time to ourselves. We emerge on the other side of that space with new perspectives and new beginnings.

As some of you may know, I have a home, four dogs, three cats, and a husband in Kentucky. I’ve just returned from a very pleasant visit there after being gone for 18 months (long story, happy ending). It reminded me that I have lots of canine company whenever I want to make the almost 800 mile trip!


From left to right are Walela (Cherokee word for hummingbird), Joe Dirt, Howie, and Washi (pronounced WashEEE, Lakota word meaning lard). I wrote about how we came to have Walela here.

The three boys are the pups from yet another beagle we rescued, Sadie Lou Magoo, who was pregnant with nine pups. Six survived. Joe Dirt was the runt, so named because Sadie would separate him from the others by putting him in a dirt nest under my studio building. She would take extra care of him there, but she would also leave him there. Since we have coyotes and other wild critters in KY, not to mention cold nights in April, we would have to drag Joe out of the dirt every evening and return him to the rest of the litter. So – Joe Dirt. Howie is actually Howler. The boys are beagle/coyote/husky mixes, and they can howl. Howie started at 3 weeks. Washi – well, he was the roly poly one. We placed two pups with friends and were looking for homes for the others.

We hadn’t intended on keeping three, but at the age of 13 weeks, Howie and Joe were lost on the mountain for four days. I wrote about that in this post. “Going up on the mountain” is a meaningful thing in Native American life, so of course when the pups found their way home, there was no giving them up after that. And since Washi was the ‘only survivor’ or so we thought for those four days – he had to stay too.

Anyway, the kids remembered me when I arrived in KY and I had a great visit. It’s also good to be back home here, with new perspective and renewed energy. Guess I had to ‘go up on the mountain’ myself. Thanks for everyone’s patience and well-wishes. I’ve got hours of blog-reading ahead of me after the holiday – and I’m looking forward to catching up.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


5 Responses to “Coming Off the Mountain”

  1. Laura Says:

    Glad to read you enjoyed your visit and some dog love! I bet it felt good, huh?

    Hope you find your way back to enjoying your mountaintop perspective again.

  2. KGMom Says:

    Awww–just look at all those faces. How could anyone ever resist?
    I love the stories of their puppy-hoods, beginnings, etc. I do remember reading the prior stories and it is great to have an update on them.
    Glad you had a good time in KY.

  3. obi4240 Says:

    Aren’t they cuties? And they all are so sweet. It’s worth traveling 800 miles for those doggy hugs!

  4. Amila Says:


    Nice blog!

    I am a birding blogger from Sri Lanka –
    Suggest a links exchange

    Happy birding!


  5. Changes… « Natural Notes Says:

    […] and future directions.  When there was nothing more to do or decide, I loaded the Jeep and came home to Kentucky.  I’m spending hours just sitting on the porch with the dogs, soaking up the […]

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