I’m baaccck, and it’s really KGMom’s fault for leaving such a nice “where are you?” comment on my last post (thank you), which (horrors!) was last year.  OK, so it’s January and that wasn’t all that far back, but in that post I said I was coming back and would be posting more regularly.  Didn’t happen, for a number of the usual reasons that I won’t bore you with – deadlines, committments, helping recuperating family members, etc. etc., but now all of that is finished and I can devote more time here as planned. 

There’s nothing really earth-shattering new going on, so you haven’t missed all that much.  We are not banding regularly at the moment, though Cailin has braved the cold on a couple of occasions, but that will change in mid-April, unless the bear has denned in the net lane for the winter again. 

I will be doing some traveling, as my husband and I have reconciled our differences and, while my committments to the bird observatory will not change, I don’t need to be here off-season and can arrange more time in Kentucky.  It will work out to be about six months in each place, scattered throughout the year, with lots of new opportunities for blogging.  The area of Kentucky where we live is absolutely beautiful country, and I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of it with you in the future.  

So, rewind to that last post where I say,  “thanks for everyone’s patience and well-wishes. I’ve got hours of blog-reading ahead of me – and I’m looking forward to catching up.”


8 Responses to “Rewind”

  1. swamp4me Says:

    Glad to hear you will be posting more frequently. We miss you when you are gone…

  2. Ruth Says:

    A happy new year of blogging to you!

  3. mon@rch Says:

    glad KGMom said something and we have you back!

  4. scienceguy288 Says:

    It was bloody cold in Buffalo today! -5! I decided to go on a hike anyways as the sky was pristine and the sun was shining. It turned out to be a wonderful, but bone chilling experience.

  5. Laura Says:

    Glad to see you back, Laura… I’ve missed you! And with good news!

    I look forward to your cross-country posts – I don’t know much of anything about Kentucky!


  6. obi4240 Says:

    Thanks, everyone.

  7. KGMom Says:

    Well, having precipitated your return, my apologies for the late comment. We all get busy, don’t we.
    Welcome back.
    And I look forward to Kentucky posts.
    Finally, cheers on reconciliation. I have had a similar experience in my past!

  8. Giddy Says:

    Welcome back. You’ve been missed.

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