Droopy Barns and No Chickens

Went on a product photo shoot with my son last week, and we chose this abandoned farm to use as a backdrop for some of the items.  I revisited the place today, as it’s not far out of my way on the drive home, in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.   I couldn’t help sitting in the Jeep for a few minutes today, trying to picture what this farm must have looked like, and sounded like, when it was alive and well.  Today, there was only the sound of wind, creaking boards, and something banging, high in the rafters.


There were horses here once, and chickens.  The neat little nest boxes are still there in the chicken coop, though it’s been a long time since any chickens wandered around this barnyard.  Inside the old barn, there is still hay in the loft and poking through the rafters – surprisingly clean-looking, but yellow with age. 

There is no evidence of this being a barn to house cows – it’s not large enough, no milk house, no milking stanchions.  No, these barns housed farm equipment, horses, chickens – maybe pigs or goats.  Or, possibly what was the dairy barn fell into ruins already.  I didn’t do much poking around the grounds, so its possible there’s evidence of a cow barn not far away.  The once-grand old farm house is also in a state of neglect and decay – the front porch, where I’m sure the family sat to enjoy the smells and sounds of a country evening after a hard day of work and a good country supper – has collapsed into the dirt.  

The future of this place isn’t all that bright.  While the land is rumored to actually be owned by a conservation organization to keep it preserved from development or private sale, which is good – rumor also has it that they are just holding on to the land until the Park Service can purchase it in the future.  Of course, that is probably just rumor, but in any case, it’s probably safe to say that no one is going to fix either the  house or the barns, and that before too long, they will topple over and be lost forever.  It’s doubtful that this old farm will ever be lived in or farmed again.












2 Responses to “Droopy Barns and No Chickens”

  1. mon@rch Says:

    Looks like this could be a place that’s chicken heaven!

  2. KGMom Says:

    I love the photo with the light streaming through the window. Worthy of a painting!

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