On the Wind

The winds finally changed last night to a more favorable northwesterly direction, but the big push of birds hasn’t happened yet.  We did get a magnolia warbler and a couple of days ago (on the last northwesterly wind) a swainson’s thrush, but the rest so far have been more local species.  A quick look this morning at last year’s daily logs for this time period shows we’re pretty much on schedule and should start seeing more numbers and varieties in the coming week.  We’ll keep you posted!

In place of my trying to explain the importance of winds and weather on migration, check out   http://woodcreeper.com for updated weather and migration reports.


3 Responses to “On the Wind”

  1. Larry Says:

    We haven’t had a big movment of warblers though Connecticut yet either.-hopefully this weekend.-I did see a Northern Waterthrush, Black-throated Green, American Redstart and black & White-I havwen’t really serched for them yet though either.

  2. KGMom Says:

    Actually, it makes sense that bird seasonal migration would be aided by wind.
    Living in central PA, I noticed that last couple of days, our wind direction was from the south, and it was warm moisture laden wind. Then last night it shifted, coming from northwest–cooler Canadian air. I far prefer the cooler air!

  3. Laura Says:

    I’m hoping the winds will bring some hawks soon!

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