Beaches and Birds

You have to admit, there are some pretty strange-looking sea and shorebirds out there, especially when you’re more accustomed to the beautiful little songsters we’ve handled and featured here in the past.

For instance – I went out to do some birding yesterday near Honeymoon Island, which is very close to where I live now – and one of the first birds I found was this American Oystercatcher.

American oystercatcher

American oystercatcher

The photo doesn’t do it justice though.  Remember now, I’m reduced to taking photos of birds at a distance, at least for now.  Until I get a better camera, these will have to do.

Black, brown and white plumage is actually quite lovely – but what gets your attention is the long, bright red-orange bill and the yellow eyes on the black head.  Shades of Halloween.

Well, yes, you say, doesn’t my new favorite bird, the black skimmer, also have these Halloween colors?  Yeah, but skimmers have a lot more character

Honeymoon Island is a state park and the beach is condo-free and breathtaking.  This particular section has a lot of rip-tide currents, and is not recommended for swimming, so there are few people.  I suppose that the winds are ripping today and the water temp has dropped into the mid-60s also kept folks away.  Fine with me, I had the beach to myself.  Dressed in warm layers, I enjoyed exploring this beautiful place.  I’ll share more of it with you another day.  Life is good.
natural beach

natural beach


2 Responses to “Beaches and Birds”

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook Says:

    The Oystercatcher was another of my life birds in Cape May last month. Neat bird, but I agree with you that the Black Skimmer is just magical- both on the sand and especially in flight.

  2. KGMom Says:

    I love seeing natural beaches. In many ways, I wish most (if not all) the beaches of the world were like this.
    Hmmmm–with global warming, and rising oceans, maybe beach front property won’t be such a great thing after all!

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