Spring Has Sprung

snegnestsWell, in Florida anyway.  Although I did receive an excited call today from my son Rob in NJ –  “I’ve got the air-conditioner on in my car!”  Seems it was 65 degrees in northwestern NJ today.  I told him to turn off the air and open the windows – which he was going to do anyway.  He was just so happy that he could turn on the air …

Here in Florida,  Spring is pretty evident all around – and yes, although the seasons aren’t quite as dramatic, there are seasons.  There are fledgling pelicans (and have been for several weeks now).  Night herons, egrets, plovers, and many other shore and wading birds are nesting.  At the sanctuary, the fledgling screech owls are starting to come in – we’ve already  had the wave of great horned owls – and we’ve been caring for fledgling mourning doves for weeks.

At Raccoon Ridge, the banders working there are clearing lanes and preparing to set new nets.  Part of me wants to head back there for a couple of weeks to band, but I doubt I’ll make it this spring.  I’m going to have a room full of baby birds to care for very, very soon.  Not such a bad trade-off, I suppose.


One Response to “Spring Has Sprung”

  1. Giddy Says:

    Too funny. You and I both had the same post title yesterday!

    I hear from my son who lives down there that the oak pollen is pretty bad right now. We are going to visit our sons in June so I hope it won’t be too hot yet. Although I won’t mind missing a week of black flies up here! “-)

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