One of the perks of working at a bird rehabilitation center are the opportunities to care for and have the option to adopt some of the ‘exotic’ class species that come through the door.   Technically they aren’t in the center’s rehab program, since it can only deal with wildlife, and technically the birds cannot be released back into the wild, since they ARE exotic species that don’t belong loose in Florida.  SO, staff and volunteers must adopt the babies and take them home.

keetsinbox2There are two of us taking care of these parakeet babies.  The youngsters are different ages, and so are different sizes and stages of development.  Parakeets like to hide and huddle together, and the more they can climb on top of each other, the happier they are.

keetfeeding2Happily, all of these five babies are eating well from a specially-designed spoon.  We bent a measuring spoon with a pliers to simulate momma’s beak and it’s working great.  The formula is Exact baby bird diet – extremely messy but oh! so yummy!  And NO, I’m not keeping all five!

Just maybe this one…keeperkeet1


4 Responses to “Perk-Keets”

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook Says:

    I have such a soft spot for parakeets and those babies are adorable! How about two….?

  2. Giddy Says:

    Oh, now you must adopt a little pal for him/her! They love to have each other to coo with. I love to watch them “talking” to one another.

  3. obi4240 Says:

    Nuh-uh. I already have 3 adults, thanks very much. I decided not to keep the little green bugger either, but am happy to report they all have been adopted out to other birdie lovers.

  4. KGMom Says:

    Awww-what a cutie. Is the one you might keep already getting a name? If so, you’ll keep it for sure.
    Oh, I just read above, not keeping him (or her).

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