International Rock Flipping Day

rockflipping bThis is decidedly different.  I was doing some blog-hopping and came across several posts about International Rock Flipping Day (IRFD) which is Sunday, Sept. 20.  OoooohhKaaaaay.  I admit, this is a new one to me, but hey, after reading about it, I’m in!

The idea is simple: participants go out on 9/20 and carefully flip over a rock or two or whatever, record what you find, replace the rock in it’s original position being mindful not to squash anyone, and share your findings on your blog or by posting photos on a Flickr group.   Susannah at wanderinweeta is coordinating this year’s event.

When I was banding at a nature center in Florida, the naturalist there kept a piece of wood on the ground for this very purpose.  There aren’t many rocks in FL so the wood was a good substitute to use as a teaching tool for visiting kids.  I went with her on one occasion to observe.  She had a group of 4 or 5 year old kids, all intent on seeing what might be under the board.  When she flipped it, there was a nice, harmless black spider, about the size of a penny.  One little boy became very excited and exclaimed, “I know those!!  They taste like peppermint!”  Obviously this child had done some rock or board-flipping on his own in the past.

While I won’t be sampling any spiders I may find, I do plan to be out there on Sunday, just for the fun of it.  If there’s one thing we have plenty of around here, it’s rocks.


One Response to “International Rock Flipping Day”

  1. Penny Miller Says:

    What a neat idea! I remember turning over rocks and pieces of wood all the time as a kid and watching the bugs and critters underneath. Still do sometimes. Wish I had read this before my birding outing this AM.


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