Colors, Caves and Leaf Litter

I’m actually having a good time working with this blog on Blogger now. I was ready for a change. The last two years of Natural Notes will remain on WordPress, just follow the link on the top right of this blog to get there.

We took a short drive to nearby Stearns, KY today to have some breakfast with friends. Although it’s cloudy and rainy, the woods have come alive with color in just the last few days. Though maybe not quite as brilliant as it could be, it’s still quite gorgeous.The first photo was taken near our spring, very close to our house.  The color this year seems to be scattered.  Many of the trees are still green – many have turned brown and the ground is already covered with leaves.

I’m not a huge fan of cold weather and winter – I still have “Florida blood” in my veins and I’m not looking forward to the coming winter, but I’m trying to keep a positive attitude.  The woods here are gorgeous in winter, though we don’t often get snow. I suppose I shouldn’t have said that out loud…

I do like it when the leaves fall, because then some of the rock formations and caves that have been hidden all summer come into view and beg exploration. There are so many around here, most on public property.  We don’t go in them very far – some are large open shelters, while others are true caves and therefore, pretty spooky!

This one is also close to our house, and not covered by foliage. It’s in a place the locals call ‘the quarry’ so I’m guessing at some point in the past, some of the stone from here was taken out – though it’s not a very big place and it doesn’t really look like any quarrying has been done here. It may be called that just because of the stone rubble at the base of the cliff.  In any case, this is what I would call a spooky cave, and no, we haven’t gone anywhere near it. This particular area used to have a high population of rattlesnakes, which is another good reason not to go poking around. Still, I really like this one. Looks very mysterious, don’t you think?


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