Old Wagons and New Goats

Hunting season is underway here so I’m not in the woods as much as I’d like to be, but there’s plenty to explore close to the house, since we’re in the deep woods anyway. On the gravel road behind our place, for instance, is this abandoned something or other.  I thought it was a wagon at first, but there’s evidence that it was some type of mechanized thing – a harvester, or something that had chains and moving parts.
I didn’t walk up on it this time, since the warmer days are bringing out the ticks again, but I remember looking at this a couple of years ago. It’s been there a very long time – there’s a tree grown right up in between the floorboards.

The one right behind the wheel – you can barely see the trunk if you look through the wheel spokes.  There are chains running down the side of this thing, and it looks like there once was an engine of some sort toward the rear.  There’s an old cemetery nearby too – no buildings left at all. Some of the locals say there used to be a small town that was destroyed by a tornado.  What I see is how Nature takes over once the people go away.

Interesting how things go in cycles.  Just down the road from this relic, not more than a few hundred yards, neighbors from closer to the lake have purchased some land in the woods, cleared it to the former farmland that would have been present when this piece of farm equipment was in use, are building a cabin and are raising goats.

 I would have preferred horses, but OK. Goats are good too.


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