Toads and Old Trees

Oh, come on!  How could I not change the banner and background?  Look at that face!  And finally, a nice subtle background color, and lots of room for photos, and everything works.  But mostly…it was that face!

In other news, it was a beautiful day today and I took a drive to the nearby Mill Springs Battlefield, of the Civil War era.  It was interesting, if not a bit depressing, as most battlefields are.  But then I found this old tree, close to the place where well-known General Zollicoffer was killed. I’m not really a follower of the Civil War, like some folks are.  I was more attracted to this tree, which I’m betting a lot of visitors to this area probably don’t even notice.

I’m not positive what species it is, but I intend to go back again for a closer look and try to find out. Most of the heartwood is missing – instead there’s a huge hollow in the main trunk.

What caught my eye too, was the scarred swirly spot where there most likely used to be a limb. Not to mention the fact that although much of the heartwood was gone, there was new growth toward the top of the tree.

The view of part of the battlefield from where this tree stands. I didn’t take the full driving tour today, but it’s close enough to home that I’ll go back soon and have another look.

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