Cranes Over Kentucky

As a bander, I’m accustomed to thinking migration is over by the end of October, but a few days ago I was reminded that some birds are still on the move when I spotted a small flock of sandhill cranes flying over the highway near our house.  My sighting was confirmed by other local birders who reported seeing the cranes as well.

This morning, I read that the whooping cranes of Operation Migration were in Kentucky.  

You may remember the movie Fly Away Home, where a flock of geese  are taught to migrate by following an ultralight aircraft.  The folks of Operation Migration teach captive-bred cranes to migrate, and at this writing one flock is on its way from Wisconsin to Florida.  They are passing too far to our west for us to see them, but what a sight it must be!  Check out their website for all the details, and a blog where you can track the progress of the flight.


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