Mystery Shroom

I came across this mystery mushroom in the woods next to our house.  I’ve never seen anything like it and after several hours of perusing my mushroom field guides – still haven’t seen anything like it.

There were four or five of these growing in the wet leaf litter.  I have no idea at what stage they are either, but it does seem to me that they aren’t as fresh as they could be.  Did that change their shape so much that I can’t find what species they are in the guide books?

Each one is about 3 inches tall.  Anyone have any ideas?

Notice the bug on this one!


6 Responses to “Mystery Shroom”

  1. Andora Says:

    I love taking pictures of shrooms,but I don't know much of anything about them…but those certainly are beauties..I would have loved finding those and photographing them…

  2. Wanderin' Weeta Says:

    Found it, I think! Check out the Stalked Puffball-in-aspic, Calostoma lutescens, here.

  3. Wanderin' Weeta Says:

    In my Guide (Audubon) it says C. cinnabarina is in season April to May, and September to October, but also overwinters. I couldn't find a season for C. lutescens, which matches your photos better.

  4. LauraO Says:

    Andora – I know almost nothing about mushrooms, can you tell?Weeta – I think you're very close. I contacted Mike from and he suggested they were Calostoma ravenelii. Thanks for responding.

  5. 曾嘉慧 Says:


  6. Beyond The Garden Says:

    I vote for space aliens or albino persimmons that happen to fall into the mouths of oceanic tube worms that someone set up in your paths.

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