Blog Vacation is Over

It was unannounced, it was long, it was necessary – but now it’s over.  In case you haven’t noticed (:-( sob!) I haven’t posted here in about 3 months.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, so I did.

After my Mom’s death in July, my father-in-law’s in January, a heavy cold winter, and a close friend’s death earlier this month, I’m determined to focus on life.  And with spring happening in all it’s glory, how can I do anything else?

Our cat put the idea of celebrating life   right in front of us,  producing 3 beautiful orange kittens.  This was the feral cat we thought was going to have kittens a few months back, but that was a false alarm.  We really don’t need any more cats, but these little ones are a breath of fresh air and we are enjoying their antics.  I think we have homes for all three, and momma will be spayed as soon as her mothering duties are completed.

The redbuds were gorgeous this year.  The flowers are beginning to fade now, and the perfect heart-shaped leaves are taking over.  The woods are literally bursting!

And of course, migration is underway bigtime!  I’ve been waiting for permission from the owner of a tract of land less than a quarter mile away to set my nets there – and the word came a few days ago – we’re good to go.

I spent most of yesterday setting up.  It rained this morning, so no banding, but yes…pretty bird pictures to follow.

Life is good.


2 Responses to “Blog Vacation is Over”


    I am glad you are back blogging as I enjoy your posts. And yes, life is about living, tough as it may be sometimes. — barbara

  2. Andora Says:

    Glad you are back to..I took some time off as well,just didn't feel like I had anything blog worthy…we gotta do what we gotta do sometimes…make yourself happy and just live life…thats what I am trying to do…take care

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