WEVIs and Warblers

I finally got the nets up at the new banding site and managed two mornings of banding before the rain started.  It’s been raining ever since, but we really do need the rain.

My new location has several different habitats all within close proximity – including some water not too far away. There are even a few of the dreaded autumn olive shrubs, which I personally don’t mind and which provide a birdy buffet come fall.

First birds were white-eyed vireo (WEVI), blue-winged warbler, prairie warbler, eastern towhee, and Carolina chickadees.  There is a lot of activity in this little area and I’m looking forward to clearing weather.

I had to use a WEVI photo from RRBO to illustrate this post, because I forgot to put my tripod in the Jeep and holding the bird and taking a clear photo just didn’t work for the bird I actually caught.  No point posting a grayish-yellow blur!

So here’s a NJ WEVI, but trust me, the one I caught in KY was just as scary!

More to come when the skies clear….


2 Responses to “WEVIs and Warblers”


    I find your description of setting up the appropriate place to band educational from the standpoint of all the environmental factors you take note of. Enjoyed your post — barbara

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