Ok, sorry about that title.  Today was the first really good morning weather-wise for banding, and it turned out to be pretty good for birds, too.  That’s always nice.

My new site seems to be favored by yellow-breasted chats – caught five this morning!

These are awesome birds.  I also discovered that, since I’m banding out of my Jeep instead of the comfortable banding lab at RRBO, and since everything around me is heavy shrubs and very, very, green – there’s no suitable backdrop for photos!
After many failures, I settled for using the Jeep door as a backdrop for this bird, which makes the photo look a little weird..

A couple of chats later, I got the idea to hang a towel from the window, at least giving me a lighter background.  Not pretty, but better.  So, what I need now is a piece of muslin or some white posterboard or something I can hang from the window (that isn’t full of wrinkles and terrycloth) that will give me a neutral background.

Photographing the birds only takes a moment, as I have the camera set on a tripod and positioned in advance.  I’ll be ready tomorrow!


One Response to “Chatworthy”

  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook Says:

    No matter the background, that Chat is a stunner~

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