Spring Banding Notes

Most of my posts concerning banding are now on the banding station site, which is dedicated strictly to banding.  Visit cavecreekbirds.com.

Spring banding is officially over and I think I’ve said this is past seasons – it seemed a bit strange, sort of a non-event.  I much prefer fall, when migration seems more urgent and more focused.

In the spring, the birds are moving from warm weather to warm weather.  It’s like they’re saying, “yeah, maybe we’ll head north for the summer and have a couple of kids, what do you say?” but in the fall, facing the oncoming winter,  it’s “we’ve got to get out of here or we’re all gonna DIE!”

Anyway, given the number of days I banded, I suppose totals for this first season could have been worse.  81 new birds banded of 23 species.  Again, details and species list are on the Cave Creek Station site.


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