7 Random Thoughts

Dastardly ticks

So I was sitting here trying to decide what I would post about this morning – having not posted here in a while, and all I got were a lot of disjointed random thoughts – so here they are.  Some of these will no doubt become future blog posts.

1.  I’m tired of ticks.  There were no ticks when I was a kid.  I could go out and sit in the woods and not worry about being eaten alive, or getting some weird disease, from these useless parasites.  I’m usually tolerant of just about anything – but not ticks.

2.  I haven’t heard a wood thrush singing yet.  Or a hermit thrush. Or a veery.  Used to hear them all the time when I was a kid.  Used to hear a lot of birds I don’t hear anymore.  My hearing is still good..so the alternative reason isn’t.

3.  Must be thinking a lot lately about how things were when I was a kid.

4.  I enjoyed seeing that barred owl at the spring a few days ago.  Hope I see it again soon.

5.  I’m going to use the spring as my sit spot and take time to actually do this.  Ticks or not.  Surely there aren’t any ticks on that rock!

6. I have to find something to fill the void from not banding anymore.  Need to get out more with the camera and go exploring.  Maybe even do some real birding???  Also need to fix this blog.  It really needs some attention.

7.  This is a pretty lame post.


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