Rough Green Snake


Green snake, NWS photos

I saw my first green snake yesterday.  Unfortunately, it was dead in the road.  Road kills on this road always disturb me, since this road has very low traffic and one shouldn’t be going more than 40 mph anyway, due to the narrowness, twists and turns.

Of course I didn’t have my camera along, so I had to go searching for a useable photo.  The snake I saw was a rough green snake; I’m not sure if this one is a rough or smooth or if there’s a huge difference, but it’s close enough.

How someone didn’t see this bright green animal in the road, I can’t guess.  Probably it was discounted as a bit of tree branch, or grass, or some green plant, because green it was.

Another possibility is that it was run over on purpose, because that’s actually something of a ‘sport’ around here, though normally directed toward copperheads.

This snake was absolutely beautiful, and it saddened me to think my first encounter had to be with a corpse.   I did stop to be sure the snake was indeed dead, and not just stunned or injured.  I left it where it lay – and on my return trip a few hours later it was gone.  I do believe some crow or other bird had a tasty lunch, as there were several crows scoping out the area when I saw the snake.

Not a needless death then, after all.


2 Responses to “Rough Green Snake”

  1. Rupertt Wind Says:

    You are an wildlife enthusiast I see! way to go buddy! Snakes are not my best friends but really liked your post! Good one!

  2. greensuzan Says:

    Green again, the green snake is so cute!
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