New Year Shelling

I stopped at one of my favorite places on my way home from my sister’s house yesterday morning, and was pleasantly surprised by a pile of shells on the beach.

nokomis0114We’ve been having several days of onshore winds, which increases the surf and chances of finding some good stuff.  Good stuff indeed!  This stretch of beach, and in particular where the surf (such as it is on the Gulf…usually very mild or flat) hits the rock jetty, almost always has a pile of shells.  I have a nice collection of shark eye moon shells from this very spot.

nokomisshells2But yesterday I hit the jackpot!  I spent about half an hour sifting through beached shells, several feet deep.  Assorted clam and cockle shells, ribbed arcs, mossy arcs,  sweet little ribbed cantharus, bits of coral, olives, tulips, scallops, a tiny moon shell, and lots of holy stones.  I found four fighting conchs…two with animals still inside, so I tossed them back into the water as far as I could.  All in all, not a bad way to spend the first day of the new year. Life is good.




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