You have to love storks.  They are so darn  homely –  but in a good way.   The ability to get close to the wildlife is one of the perks of life in Florida.  The animals are used to people gawking at them and stand unafraid, allowing close encounters.  Fishermen on the beaches must keep a close watch on bait buckets and catches; herons, gulls, and pelicans stalk the beach, inches from the fishermen, waiting for the opportune moment.

My sister observed a stork sitting on the grass with it’s legs stretched out in front, feet up, like a person.  Fearing the stork was injured, she was relieved (and a bit surprised) when the bird stood up, stretched, and walked to the pond to join the others. Awkward as they appear sometimes, there’s nothing quite as graceful  as a group of storks in the air.  All white, with black wings and a dark head..they soar with the grace exhibited by most seabirds and raptors.

These handsome Wood Storks were soaking up the morning sun next to the retention pond in the center of a parking lot.  They never flinched as I stopped the car, cut the engine, rolled down the window, and took the photograph..all from about 10 feet away.  Hopefully they will revert to more wild ways when they venture somewhere else.


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