New Year, New RV, New Life



I have a friend back in New Jersey that usually begins her phone calls to me with “so where are you living now?”  She says I’m never in the same place very long, and she doesn’t understand how I can do that.  She’s a Virgo though, so I suppose anything out of the normal routine is difficult for her to comprehend. I mean, she alphabetizes her vegetables. Seriously?

On the other hand, she was brave enough to venture south from NJ with me in 1995, in my brand new old 1977 Coachmen Leprechaun.  It was my first full-time RV and my ticket to Florida. It was very orange. We only broke down twice on the relocation trip..all minor stuff though I can’t recall now what the problem was. I do recall spending one night in a service garage in North or South Carolina.  Needless to say, I did not do much actual going in that RV, though I did name it Boldly Go.

When I arrived in Florida,  I promptly redecorated, replacing orange shag carpeting with white vinyl flooring; painting cabinets white, and recovering cushions with a bright tropical print.  I lived in that RV for about a year, then put her in storage when I moved into an apartment.  I sold that RV a few years later, always with the thought of returning to the RV lifestyle someday.

Fast forward to Dec. 2015, and a spontaneous not-so-serious visit to a local RV dealer,  just to see what RVs looked like nowadays and if a good old used one would ever loom large in my future.  The short version of what happened next?  I happened to stumble upon their end-of-month-end-of-year  have-to-meet-sales-quotas…etc. etc. etc.

Granted..most people don’t make such a decision spontaneously, and certainly not over the span of 2 days…but hey, how bad could it be? Next thing I knew…Voila! Boldly Go II and Happy New Year to me!

On Dec. 31st I took delivery of Boldly Go II and by Jan. 2nd was moved out of my apartment and into a new life.


I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a whole new blog, but after a few attempts, I decided to just continue now with Natural Notes.  I’ll write when I have wifi service, from where ever I happen to be at the moment.


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