Snowbirds and Lettuce Lake


After a whirlwind move, and spending the first few days parked in my brother’s driveway while I repacked and sorted, I decided my first camp would be Lettuce Lake Travel Resort, near Arcadia.  The main reason for this choice was they had sites available.  Finding available sites in Florida in snowbird season can be nearly impossible, so I considered myself lucky.  Anything near the coasts or Disney are booked solid until April..unless you happen on a cancellation.

Lettuce Lake is actually a tributary of the Peace River, and the park..though crowded..still had some nice quiet areas near the water.  Since this first trip was more about getting acquainted with my new home, I think I would have been equally as happy anywhere that had full hookups and didn’t wipe out my bank account.

Spending the week here sorting through all the stuff that was randomly thrown into the RV to facilitate the move.  I think there are some things I will never find.


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