Mia is Not Impressed


I am really surprised how smoothly and quickly I’ve reverted back to the RV lifestyle.  Having a new vehicle is helping a lot…the first time I connected to power I couldn’t tell if I really was hooked up, or if the lights were on because of the batteries.  There was no noise.  No visible or audible hint that everything was connected.  My ’77 Coachmen would hum…this one, not a sound.  I finally determined, with my brother’s ever-logical help, that the TV wouldn’t work on batteries and so yeah, the TV was on so I was actually connected to the power. Duh.  I’m getting used to the idea that everything with this motorhome is easier..and actually works!
However, Mia is finding the adjustment a little more nerve-wracking.  She doesn’t mind living in the RV so much…but when the whole house hits the road, she’s a little nervous.
I have to find a carrier I can belt into the passenger seat..but for now her comfy bed gives her a place to snuggle in and still be somewhat next to me.  In the old car I had, she used to lean against me when I drove..of course she can’t do that in the RV and so is a bit more apprehensive.  Chihuahuas shake anyway at the slightest provocation, and there’s nothing much I can do for her except be encouraging and make her feel safe.
Of course, ice cream always helps.


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