Peace River Revisited

It’s the Peace River, but it’s a different park..this one in Wauchula.  And the River is flooding due to the heavy rains and storms we’ve had.  I’m here for two weeks..if my site doesn’t flood. The water is about 30 feet away…and some RVs whose owners are away are not faring so well.  I’ll stay as long as the water behaves.  We are NOT flooding a brand new RV.

I only unpacked the most necessary items, and the river did crest and recede, so all was well for the first week.  Once the water started to recede I was able to walk some of the trails, though they remained pretty soggy for days.

This is a beautiful park, with some interesting old oaks and vegetation.  It has all the usual amenities if you are in to that sort of thing..I always tend to head for the woods rather than the pickleball courts..though I did observe that pickleball being played…when heard at a distance and through the trees..sounds a bit like wild turkeys.

There are a lot of campers here who are grumbling, but Mother Nature is Mother Nature and there’s not a whole lot one can do to stop a river from flooding.  Hunker down and take your chances, move to higher ground, or leave the area.   I’m very happy I decided to stay, though I must admit I was up frequently during the night to check the water levels.

The water is going down…but it’s not quite there yet.  Today I watched kids riding bikes and wading through the flood waters…not a smart thing to do, especially in Florida.  We have a lot of dangerous critters here – alligators, snakes, and fire ants, just to name a few.  Fire ants can survive balled up in floodwaters.  Alligators and snakes can be displaced and aggravated, just like people.  Granted, the flood waters here were coupled with temperatures a lot colder than what gators and snakes like or tolerate, but why take the chance?  Not to mention sewage and other nasties that can be carried in flood waters.



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