Introducing The Gypsy Chihuahua

I haven’t maintained Natural Notes in a long time – not seriously anyway.  Just a random post here and there.  It never felt right since I stopped banding – and I wasn’t sure anyone looked at blogs anymore. I’m still not sure of that, but I continue to find current blogs and people on social media asking for blogs, so I guess they do.  I thought about starting a whole new blog, but it seemed that letting go of Natural Notes, and all of the posts over the years, would be a waste.  So I thought, why not just change the title and change direction, which would provide the new platform and save the Natural Notes posts?  And here we are.


We (Miss Mia, aka the gypsy chihuahua, and I) live full-time in an RV, and while we spend most of our time in Florida, we do get around from time to time.  We still love being outside, observing nature, birding, and all that, but living in the RV also provides a long list of opportunities and topics to share.  We are looking forward to this journey. Life is good.


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